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Automated On-Line Final Document Preparation and Transmission

How it Works?

  • Set up an appointment and meet with a GFS representative.
  • Bring in all necessary decedent information, credit cards, memberships etc. (Refer to the Final Document Preparation Checklist for a complete list.)
  • Review the information uploaded on your behalf and digitally sign.
  • We will send the file on your behalf to all agencies. We can add any additional accounts or venues you wish to notify that are not already entered in our program. All you will need is an email address or fax number.
  • Any venues that need to be contacted after the initial appointment are available to you at no extra cost.
  • You can email that information to us or we can send the file to you so that you can complete on your own at a time and place of convenience. We accommodate both of those that are comfortable dealing online directly or those who require assistance in person. We are here to make sure you are happy with our service.

Who Gets Notified?

  • Notification to Old Age Security Program
  • Notification to Service Canada
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • HST/GST recalculation
  • Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit and Survivor' Benefit
  • Equifax (Credit Reporting Agency) and Trans Union (Credit Reporting Agency)
  • Cancellation of Provincial Health Card
  • Cancellation of Provincial Driver' License / Photo I.D. card
  • Notification to Social Insurance Program
  • Cancellation of Credit Cards
  • Membership Transfers (Aeroplan, Air Miles, Petro Points, Sobey's Points)
  • Cancellation of Licenses (E.g. Outdoors card)
  • Other Government IDs (E.g. Nexus card, US Social security #)
  • Utility Accounts, you can transfer or close (E.g. Bell, Cogeco, Direct Energy, etc.)

FinalDocx by Executor's Choice
No other of its kind in North America.

Our product is an online death notification software program that allows you to notify an unlimited number of venues in an instant.

The service we provide allows us to sit down with you and input necessary data. Let us do the work for you.

We offer the option, at no extra cost, to meet with an expert estate adviser allowing you to make smart decisions.
Your loved one worked hard for their money and it is wise to protect it.

Gateway Funeral Solutions continuing care service pricing:

$295.00 +HST ($38.35) = $333.35

Payable by e-Transfer, VISA or Mastercard

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About the FinalDocx Software

Automated On-Line Final Document Notification Web Service

We have partnered with Executor's Choice to bring you FinalDocx to help support the essential executor tasks of final document preparation and submission.

FinalDocx is a unique proprietary web software service that generates and e-files estate documents from anywhere there is an internet connection.

This online tool automatically contacts agencies on your behalf to save you from manually filling out forms, numerous phone calls and in-person visits. It is COVID-19 compliant, helping you to avoid contact with others.

The service also provides protection against identity fraud.

Photo of executors reviewing a will

At a time of loss, time is better spent with family.

The software program is the first and only to have developed a tracking and reporting system for the executor/next-of-kin. Once it is confirmed that all recipients have received the notification data a report is generated and sent directly to the executor. No stamps, envelopes or manual touch needed. Let us do the work for you so you can better cope with the grief process. Spend time with the one's you love.

Photo of estate settlement documents

Transparent Relationship

It also provides protection for the executor to show tasks are being completed. Reporting ensures a transparent relationship with all involved at a very stressful time. Beneficaries have a right to know that their interests are also being looked after, as the decedent intended. This software program respects both and facilitates a great working relationship.

Gateway Funeral Solutions believes you'll benefit from this amazing tool. It is now being presented to you. Other funeral homes do have existing continuing care programs that will be offered to you at the time of arrangement. Our's guarantees instant notification to an unlimited number of venues, accompanied by an uploaded proof of death. No envelopes, stamps or waiting in a line. It is ideal for those who are elderly, have restricted movement or have less energy because of the the loss of a loved one.

Photo of woman submitting final documentation on-line

Consider Pre-Paying!

Why Pre Pay?

Have you prepaid your funeral or given thought of it? If so, it is time to prepay with us. It will give you a more complete peace of mind.

As an executor/next-of-kin it is important to gather information in advance and have us enter data in our software program.

Any data entered can be changed between the time it is entered and the time of need. Information is saved in one convenient electronic file and can be edited at any time.

Our product is flexible and affordable. Start the online notification process today by meeting with our pre planning specialist.

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